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Journeyman Pictures distributes “Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle”

Journeyman Pictures will be distributing an edited version of “Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle”. For over twenty years Journeyman has distributed and co-produced, provocative, profound and original factual content, working with the top players in the industry.

Journeyman Pictures will be distributing an edited version of “Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle”. After already being nominated for three international film festivals, this is very exciting news as “For over twenty years Journeyman has distributed and co-produced, provocative, profound and original factual content, working with the top players in the industry.”


Journeyman Pictures?

Journeyman is “one of the leading independent suppliers of award winning stories to the global theatrical, broadcast, digital and educational markets, and pride ourselves on a position at the spearhead of the factual agenda. With a very successful catalogue covering a myriad of subjects and styles, from award-winning festival docs to hot new investigations and bold character stories, we always keep at heart a central journalistic ethic that goes to the very roots of the company.”

Journeyman has now signed a contract with Storyrunner to distribute an edited version of the documentary "Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle". The film has now been integrated in the catalogue of Journeyman (catalogue available here: Journeyman Pictures). An edited version of the trailer can be watched here: Made In Europe: From Mine to Electric Vehicle | Trailer | Coming Soon (

Synopsis Made In Europe. From mine to electric vehicle

A tsunami of cheap electric vehicles from China could lead to a nightmarish de-industrialisation in Europe. Dr Peter Tom Jones, a well known climate author, is convinced that Europe has to take the full value chain back in its own hands, from mine to hashtag#electricvehicle. He undertakes a road trip in the Nordic countries to visit iconic mines and show best practices. He talks to the indigenous Sami people and to European leaders.

Key data

  • Team: Director: Stijn van Baarle (STORYRUNNER). Presenter: Peter Tom Jones (SIM2 KU Leuven / SOLVOMET R&I Centre). Camera man: Michael Van de Velde. Sound technicians: Casimir De Kimpe & Marius Acke. Graphic designer: Jasper Vander Elst
  • Featuring Jan Moström (LKAB, Euromines), Ulrika Huhtaniska (LKAB), Stefan Mikaelsson (Sami Parliament), Anders Sand (Boliden), Päivi Kinnunen (VTT), Esa Peuraniemi (Boliden Harjavalta Oy), Matthew Congleton & Pasi Rannus (Valmet Automotive), Maroš Šefčovič (European Commission)
  • [Note that the original version of the film, due to contractual reasons, has been taken (temporarily) off-line. The YouTube version is therefore hidden now. Other films of our team:]


Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) and CINEA – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them. Co-funded by KU Leuven. And supported by Prometia, LITHOS, CICERO, AVANTIS.

Testimonials for Made in Europe: from mine to electric vehicle

“Magnificent work by Peter Tom Jones and SIM2 KU Leuven. Enjoy this important, awareness-raising documentary. Highly recommended. An example of thoroughly informed science communication with real social impact.” (Luc Sels, Rector KU Leuven)

“Refreshing to see a more nuanced academic perspective on de-carbonisation, energy independence and the protection of key industries from Leuven. As the recent pandemic and outbreak of war in Ukraine have shown, protecting and controlling critical supply lines will be central to any industrial policy safeguarding Europe's independence, prosperity and security.” (Pieter-Jan Blondeel, Katoen Natie)

“Interesting documentary that has the right undertones asking the right questions so citizens can be engaged in the paradigm shift to what is happening now that potentially has monumental shifts affecting how we live, work, and play 2023 through at least 2053.” (Frank Sowa, The Xavier Group)

“A very good and informative documentary. Decarbonization must not lead to de-industrialization in Europe!” (Tor Stendahl, Managing Director and Country Manager Finland)

“If Europe is serious about energy transition and decarbonizarion, it’s time to take responsibility. If not to be less dependent, at least to decrease the impact on the environment and climate by local responsible mining instead of importing from less regulated regions.” (Jeroen De Roeck)

“We need to boost Europe’s open strategic autonomy and decouple strategic dependencies such as that in #CriticalRawMaterials. We have the right technologies and rules to do sustainable mining in Europe, but we need to showcase successful projects to inspire investor confidence and build public trust.” (Maros Sefocvic, EVP EC)

"Peter Tom Jones’ work is more than just a documentary; it's a call to action, a piece that educates and empowers. It's a testament to the power of storytelling in transforming complex industry narratives into engaging, understandable, and impactful messages." (Veronika Sochorova, Euromines)

“The power of real storytelling. I’ve spent years writing and talking in Brussels about the sustainability and security benefits of homegrown metals supply – and why that’s so important to our clean energy goals. But that doesn’t reach or convince outside of our narrow political bubble. Jones’ video will take you first hand into the most modern mines and refineries Europe has, contextualised in the geopolitics of China’s push for global electric vehicles dominance.” (Chris Heron, Eurometaux)


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